“As a massage therapist, I know the body is always trying to achieve balance (homeostasis) in an effort to heal itself. Chiropractic care is another way to ‘balance’ the body for healing. I have suffered with lower back pain, neck pain and even the numbness of both hands/arms upon waking up for several years. I have been to a couple of chiropractors in years past but none that actually helped me. Then I met GGC and life has gotten better! I had lived with this pain for so long I had forgotten how it felt NOT TO HURT!!”
-Wendy W​.

When I first began treatments, I had aches and pains in my shoulder and surrounding areas (Neck and Back.) I had a sharp pain under my shoulder blade and hip pain that gave me numbness and tingling into my left foot and toe. He’s done a fantastic job at alleviating the pains in these areas. As of today, I no longer have the numbness and tingling in my leg and my shoulder improves with each session. I highly recommend GGC!
-Gale K.

“I’m 81 years old and have gone to many Chiropractors. It wasn’t till I came to the doctors at GGC that I had adjustments and treatments that were very beneficial. I could not even walk through a store to finish shopping. Now I can. My eyes seemed to not focus correctly due to my tight neck. This has also changed. My neck felt like it was down to my chest and standing straight was a problem. I now stand & walk straight and I feel like I have a neck.”
-Mary V.

​”I could not sleep on my right side at night without excruciating pain. The doctors at GGC assured me that if I would commit to the treatment plan, that I would get relief. Six weeks into adjusting my neck, arms and low back, I began to feel less pain and tingling down my arm. Now two months into my treatment, I’m 95% pain free.”
-Margaret A

“The doctors have helped me in so many ways. It’s great to be able to sleep through the night and wake up without pain. I used to only sleep for an hour or two a night, but now I sleep the whole night through. I also suffered from Carpel Tunnel for over 20 years. I’ve even been to two other chiropractors before and didn’t get relief. GGC took my condition seriously; they listened to what I had to say and found the source of my problem.​”

“I suffered from allergies for my whole life. They made it hard to concentrate in school. I use to take the pills, but even with the pills I would still have attacks several times a year. I even contemplated getting the regiment of shots until I seen my mother go through them and how tired and sick she was after each shot. I started seeing GGC for back pain and noticed that I hardly ever felt like my allergies were coming on. Instead of taking a pill or two a day, I take maybe 1 every week and sometimes longer during the worst time of the year. My allergies made my life miserable at times, I now feel free from that. Thank you GGC!”